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2020 Collection

"Evolution Revolution" acrylic $750.00

"Red Dots"

"Full Moon"  (30"x24") acrylic on canvas - $2000.00

"Momma Wolf" watercolor $1500.00

"Hidden Winter Guest"


"Mutant Reaction"

"Jingle Bells" digital 

Angel Wings - Digital

"Christmas Lights" digital

"You Can Toucan" Papier Mache'  $400.00

"Flower Factory" digital

"Who is Looking at YOU" digital

"Four Horsemen of 2020" (24"x 17") watercolor  $1500.00

"Rainbow Jellyfish" (17"x 14") acrylic $500.00

"Barn Owl" 40"x 30" $2500.00

"Lamplighter" (17" x 14") watercolor $450.00

"WHO?" digital

"Poppy Flag" digital

"Forest Fire" digital

"Silent Flight" digital

"Nautalis" digital

"A. Borealis" (17" x 14") watercolor $400.00

"Octopus Garden" (12" x 12") acrylic $300.00

"Venus Rising" (17"x 11") acrylic $400.00

"The Wave" digital


"Haunted Houses" digital

"Turtle Island" (23' x 17") acrylic $350.00

"Spring Forest" digital

"5 Red Sailboats" digital

"Ocean Sunrise" digital

"Winter Trees" (17" x 14" watercolor 

"Wooden Maiden" digital

"Climate Change" (20" x 11") watercolor $300.00

"Twenty Twenty" digital

"Passion" digital

"Moon Tunnel" photography

"Eye of the Storm" digital 

"Slippery When Wet" digital

"Dream Cabin" (17" x 14") digital

"Sunrise Canyon"  (14' x 14") watercolor 


Indian Dancer Series

"Lazy Tuesday" digital

"Blue Beauty" digital

"Storm Coming" digital

"Journey" watercolor and ink

"Rainy Tree" oil pastel

"Swallowtail" digital

"Chaos Theory" digital

"Blue Violets" digital 

"Hidden Pathways" watercolor

Papier Mache' Eagle (30"wingspan)  SOLD

"The Village" digital watercolor

"Dolly Llama" papier mache' $100.00

"Blucifer" (w/lighted red eyes)  Private Collection - NFS

Great Horned Owl (Wall Hanging) $2500.00

"Unicorn" papier mache' $100.00

"Elk" & "Big Horn Sheep"  SOLD

"Panda" papier mache' $100.00

"Reaching into the Cosmos" digital

"Corals" ("14" x 10") watercolor $150.00

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