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The Eyes of Time
Vallee 2001

Seeing visions in the clouds. Watching trees wave in the winds
Looking through the eyes of time where at once it all begins
No one knows the arch of silence that encompasses the past
Only those with special vision bring it onward to the last

Special secrets from the ages quiet whispers in our minds
Listening only for the spaces that appear between the lines
Hearing nothing but the chaos of the quickening stampeed
All the acts of righteous future leaving everything in need


Laura Sharp 2001

There are children crying.
There are children dying.
The chaos of these crazy days
staring into their helpless gaze.
Parents that don't even care,
leaving their kids on welfare.
Then they're blamed for who they are,
their thoughts and feelings seem so far.
Never taught the ways of life;
living everyday in strife.
Not knowing the difference,
between bad or good.
Feeling completely misunderstood.
Times they are a changin'
chaos and children ragin'
Sometimes I stop and wonder,
why the worlds in such a blunder.
I can't even comprehend,
when will all this madness end?

Vicky Zipf
copyright 2000

Sometimes it's masked when it arrives,
Or it may come as no surprise.
At times, in spite of what you've done,
It's not your turn so you get none.

As you give it away you get more to spare.
It vanishes quickly, if you don't share.
Able to make all your dreams come true,
Or inflict nightmares, if it leaves you.

One could compare this to religion.
Faith believes, hope yearns for a smidgen.
Received, you'll be alive and well,
Denied, you'll find that life is hell.

Hallucination, the primary infliction,
As are drugs without perscription.
No warning, it comes, then goes in a flash.
One minute you're high, the next you crash.

In case there's a glimmer of doubt,
Love is what it's all about.
Keep in mind if your quest leaves you wary,
Love is found under "L" in the dictionary.


Mother Earth
Liz Seward
(7th grader/copyright2001)

It would be strange if the wind never blew.
If stars never shone,
And birds never flew.
If snow didn't snow where it's supposed to be snowing,
And rivers didn't run all smooth, fast, flowing.
But we never question how long it will last,
When Earth's greatest beauties disappear with a blast.
We should not ignore the destruction of life.
Then the Moon would be deprived of his wife.

Someday it won't be strange if the wind doesn't blow.
If the sun doesn't rise,
And water doesn't flow.
Unless people help our Mother Earth last,
Before her aura is a thing of the past.


Prayer of The North Woods
copyright 2000

Song of the North Woods,
Filled with Flicks and Jays
Leave untold the horrors
Of it's younger days.

Red and White attacking,
violent screams et al..
Clashing voices raging
while the Birch stand tall.

Willows weeping for their sons,
Maples having none,
Except the gentle aspen
reaching for the sun.

Doves are cooing
over lazy swamps below.
Sound of engines revving
far away and low.

Voices through the ageless
Sun are shining through
Wishing to erase the pain
that they all are due.

Hollow stump is home
to the fledgling mates
Hoping to evolve again
on some future dates.

Roaming, roving, seeking
new a life of peace
Hoping that the looting rape
will at last decease.

Mother Earth is crying,
Father Sun recedes
Leaving past a trail to find
echoing our deeds.

Now to hold the pieces
who will bear the pain
Of the newest members
starting life again?

Speak to us, our parents
through our Sister Moon.
For we'll have no future
if we don't change soon.

Ode to a Zealous Webmaster
copyright 2000

 I got my pictures up and on the web a year ago
And ever since have come to learn all that I didn't know!
When going on-net you must be quick in order to amuse
Cause few will sit and bare with it, through the downloading blues!

I tried to make my images fast and thought I had it done!
But when the folks went looking they discovered not a one!
I looked at it from every way and manner that I knew
My pics were coming up real fast for me, but not for you!

I asked some folks I knew to check as my suspicions grew,
When guestbook entries began to say.. "Nice page, you must be new!!"
I've made the change, I've put them back, I hope they're up to stay
Although, I'd like to make them even faster still some day!

I tried to make it easy, I tried to make it fun...
But now at least your chances have improved for seeing some.
I put a new scroll on each page which I thought looked quite good,
But now it does a funny thing that I don't think it should!

I hope you'll come and take the time to download every page
Then put them in your bookmarks to upgrade as they age.
I want to share my talents, I want to share my skill,
and hope that I can count on you to want to see it still!

I'm overwhelmed with offers, and thanks for linking ups, but
No one out there really knew my site was in a rut!
Please come again and browse away through all the various art
I know that you'll appreciate this work is from my heart!

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