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Digital Painting
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Haunted Houses
"Fire In The Forest"

"Twenty Twenty"
"Five Red Sailboats"
"Silent Flight"
"Hot Stuff"
"Slippery When Wet"
"The Wave"
Indian Dancers Series

"Dream Cabin"

"Winter Trees Negative"

"Eye of the Storm"

"Ocean Sunrise"

"Sentinels of the Forest" Watercolor & Digital
"Lazy Tuesday"
"Raindrops In The Pond"

"Blue Violets"

"Sun Worshiper"

"Storm Coming"

"Butterfly on Flower"

"The Village" 

"Silent Weeping"
Dedicated to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Everywhere.

"Dawning Day"

"Reaching into the Cosmos"




"Earth Mother"


"Wooden Maiden"

"China Moon"

"Lavender Butterfly"

"Hot Summer Day"

"Medicine Woman"

Letting Go
"Letting Go"

"Some Serious Flowers"

"Joy in the Morning"

"Plant Life"

"Lacy Cereus"

"Show Off"

"American Bison"

"Butter Mates"

Butterfly Art Series


"Blue Beauty"


"Spring Rain"

"Funny Flower Face"

"Abstract Blue Birds"

"Hydro Powered"

"Time Traveler"

"Blue Nude"

 "Shadow Moon"

"Spinning Naked" 


"Butterfly Queen"

"Guardian Eagles"

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